About Me
Hi, I'm Ken Mincin and I've been doing custom woodworking, furniture, and cabinetry since 1979. I have my own shop on Seattle's Eastside and am available for consultation on your home or commercial projects anytime.

 I'm a meticulous craftsperson, and I'm available to collaborate with you and execute the design of your dreams! I specialize in residential built-in cabinetry
I have built furniture and cabinetry across a wide range of styles. I can work with your general contractor or with you on your home projects. I do primarily entertainment cabinets, living room shelving and art display projects, furniture like dressers and end tables, and kitchen cabinets.

Please contact me to discuss your project, arrange a time to meet, or just for more information.  425-558-5852
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I work with different woods and composite materials to make one of a kind, handcrafted, longlasting furniture.

If you have a vision on what you'd like to do, an unusual space to fill, or other pieces in a room you'd like to match, a custom furniture solution may be the right decision for you. Imagine being able to execute the design of your dreams instead of buying something off the shelf at a chain store! Something that will last as long as your house does, something that will live on for future generations.

Give me a call and we'll talk through the options.
I live and work on Seattle's Eastside, and create furniture and cabinetry in an 800 square foot shop devoted to woodworking and cabinet making. 

​I like to play tennis, ski and ride bikes in my spare time. ​I have one son in college, studying economics and playing baseball at Whitman College in Walla Walla. My ex & son's mom lives in Redmond, and we are friends and partners in raising our child.